Mosaic Art - How it works

Choose YOUR Mosaic Base

Choose a piece of mosaic base from our shelves or online store.  Our wide selection of bases allows for you to use your imagination and you can even sketch a pattern or design in pencil to make it truly unique.  Before the next step you have two options – you can choose to grout your piece at the end for which we will send home grout with instructions to be completed in 24 hours.  The other option is to paint your base with acrylic paint first which you would choose from our acrylic paint section to give a great background before you place your tiles.  Then you can choose to or not to grout your piece at the end and have a wonderful piece of art.

Choose YOUR tiles

Now choose your tiles and arrange them in a way to fit on the base allowing tiles to be approximately 1/8” apart (thickness of 2 pennies) and not hanging off the edges.  For the older artist you can use a tile nipper to create a more custom piece of tile but be careful as each cut tile has sharp edges.  Glue down each tile with small amount of glue with your hands or tweezers.  Once all glued down let it sit for 15 minutes.

Completing your mosaic

When you take your mosaic piece home you will let it dry for 24 hours then you get to decide whether to grout or not.  If you have chosen to paint your base with acrylic paint then your piece is complete and you can wipe down the tiles gently with glass cleaner to give it a shiny finish. 

If you choose to grout you follow the instructions given to you in your home kit.  We recommend putting a light covering of grout and wiping away excess.  Then let the grout cure for 24 hours.  Once cured you can wipe away excess dust with glass cleaner and you have your finished piece.