Paint Your Own Pottery

Choose your Bisque

Choose a piece of unfinished pottery (bisque) from our shelves or online. We have over 500 pieces of pottery ranging from small collectibles to large platters, piggy banks to fairy boxes, travel mugs to teapots.  You don’t have to just pick one, explore your artistic side and create multiple unique pieces

Decide on paint

We have many paints, glazes & acrylic paints to choose from. We also have many design tools available for your use such as stencils, stamps, sponges to make your piece one of a kind.  We also have many technique videos to assist you in your artistic journey. 

In store our staff will be there to help you along the way if you need assistance.  Online purchases will be provide with 6 portions of paint along with sponge and paint brushes.  We also have a variety of stencils and stamps for purchase.

Paint your masterpiece

We recommend painting 3 coats of each one of your colors to ensure vibrant finishes.  The base color will cover majority of your piece – for our smaller pieces one portion of paint will sufficient, for our larger pieces we recommend requesting two portions of your base color.

Leave it and we fire it

Once you’ve made your masterpiece you leave it with us and ensure your name is on the bottom of the piece. We take it to our Kiln and fire it to temperatures over 1600o degrees to make your pieces shine.  Your pottery will be ready in 5 days for pickup.

Your finished masterpiece is fully functioning and safe to use for eating and we recommend hand washing over dish washing to prolong the life of your piece of art.